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He was sitting with two Papal agents, his cane chair creaking against the flatboards under all that weight. First the flour sacks came into focus, then the glass candy cases, the shelves of baked beans in their silvery cans, the saddle bags, the harnesses and the flatboards against the far wall. The patients were required to keep the camp clean and those that were fit worked in communal gardens, growing food to augment their own meagre rations of maize meal and beans. Then the D. C. talked to the main group of patients and they all chose to go back, stating that they were quite happy at Yuka. So all the main group and those on the right side were loaded up on the truck again. I told the group that I was sad that they did not believe or trust me; that there was no extra money to buy food for them; that the food they grew in the gardens was for their own use; etc. I could sense that there was a spirit of rebellion and threats were even made against me and my family.

We received a small grant (I think it was 6d. per day - 2.5 pence in new money) to buy food for the patients. At Liumba Hill, twelve miles away, was a "leper colony" with about fifty patients and at the Hospital we had a colony with around 120 patients. I was twelve and was coming in from the station wagon with my father and sister that first time and he took us by surprise, otherwise we wouldn't have gone into the store that afternoon. I cannot say that the four-wheel drive never got stuck, but that was only when we took chances with it that we would never have dreamed of with the Bedford. That was the Co-op on Aylsham Road and that was yesterday’s pastries, you see, you got ‘em half price then. I threw it in the weeds across the road. Gifts of blankets and clothing were appreciated, especially at Christmas. This Christmas activity will keep them guessing. This activity will help them understand the anatomy of the lungs in a fun, interactive way.

Rosina: Dad came from a big family, 13 children, boy-girl, boy-girl all the way down the line. That night, as I worried and stewed over the problem, suddenly the thought came "You don't have to put up with this! These people came voluntarily - if they are not happy here, they can go somewhere else." After discussing the matter with the District Commissioner the next day, we arranged for all the patients to be transported on our hospital truck, the five miles to Kalabo, where they spent the night under a large wild-fig tree. But even if that reasonable time ever came and my father's body came walking, somehow, up that garden path, it really wouldn't be father anymore. As for the spores, there is no real danger although some people can develop an allergy over time. After about seven or eight people had been processed, some declared that they wanted to go back; that they had been intimidated. He accused me of being dictatorial, of stealing the money the government gave for their food, of forcing sick people to work in the hospital gardens - this being "slavery." He threatened to report me to the Chief Medical Officer.

New York deputy editor Alexis Swerdloff, who owned a similar style in middle school, repurchased the medium size recently and says she’s now using it as her work bag. Leprosy (now called Hansen's disease) was a common problem in Barotseland, and particularly in the Kalabo district. It was good to have a proper hospital to treat our leprosy patients who needed admission. Gradually he fomented a spirit of rebellion among the patients and finally he asked me to meet with all the residents to discuss their grievances. Then they were asked if they wanted to stay at Yuka under the existing rules or be transferred. By then it had become too late for her to fly out, as the airline did not allow mothers to travel by air in the last six weeks of the pregnancy. Remember last year's rhubarb that definitely died completely and rotted into a ball of mush? My father's hand went limp and cold as he held me about the neck, then withdrew and fell to his side, now powerless and obsolete. His three hundred pounds fell in bags down the side of his seat, the cushion under him obliterated. This included bringing clay down the river on a barge to make bricks, then making and firing them.