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The Criterion Collection's DVD release of House of Games is a huge improvement over MGM's previous disc, offering a beautifully clean, remastered anamorphic transfer ( 1.78:1) with excellent contrast and nice color saturation. Also new is Criterion's The First Films of Samuel Fuller and Cria cuervos…, Sony's re-issue of Taxi Driver, and MGM's Back to School: Extra-Curricular Edition, while titles fresh from theaters include The Lookout, Inland Empire, Wild Hogs, Fracture, and Vacancy. Just a few more items to announce this time around: Warner Home Video has a new "Director's Series" edition of Stanley Kubrick Collection listing at online retailers, along with two-disc editions of 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shining (Oct. 23), while a "25th Anniversary Edition" of Poltergeist is also due this fall (Oct. 9). Arriving from MGM on Oct. 23 is Mr. Brooks starring Kevin Costner. There’s no better time for a picnic than the summer. There is no better way to learn what grows well in your area.

Sometimes the simpler the accessory is, the better. Mamet's play Glengarry Glen Ross had seen phenomenal success on Broadway, and it earned Mantegna a Tony Award for his role as Richard Roma. As Mantegna tells the story, Mamet personally came backstage to give him the news that the play was going to be made into a feature film — and that Al Pacino would be playing Roma. The fascinating commentary track features Mamet and Ricky Jay, who discuss the nuts-and-bolts of making the film with a lot of information on the ways in which Jay helped Mamet to maintain authenticity as regards the world of confidence men. Co-written by Jonathan Katz — yes, that Dr. Katz — and with expert supervision by magician and card-sharp Ricky Jay (who also makes his film debut here), House of Games crackles with energy as layer after layer of scam artistry is peeled away in a story full of double- and triple-twists. Also on board is a production documentary created by Mamet as a promotional tool, with behind-the-scenes footage and storyboards (25 min.); new interviews (each about 15 minutes) with actors Lindsay Crouse and Joe Mantegna; and the storyboards for a scene that was reworked for the film, "The Tap," which was rewritten by Jay and Mamet so as not to reveal the secrets behind a popular grift that some of Jay's associates liked to use.

Plastic production and litter from discarded single-use plastics like straws and bags, impacts low-income and marginalized communities disproportionately. "This new law supports community efforts to reduce litter and protect their environments. As a first-time film director on House of Games, Mamet's background in stage work hampers the film's early scenes set in Margaret's professional world. Those not familiar with Mamet's style may be put off by House of Games' stage-bound quality, especially in the awkward opening scenes. I didn't pay enough attention when sewing on the velcro and put in on backwards.. Wedges are comfortable enough for a walk in the park or a stroll down the boardwalk, yet stylish enough to make jeans, dresses and capris look flirty and fashionable. The book contains little information on the size shape and colours of the containers but should provide enough ideas to fill any goods yard, docks or factory yard. 3-D Horror: Night of the Living Dead/The House on Haunted Hill - 51 Birch Street - Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 2, the Earth, Vol. 4 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters - Back to School: Extra-Curricular Edition - Belinda (4-disc set) - China Heat - Cria cuervos…: The Criterion Collection - The Dark Crystal: 25th Anniversary Edition (2-disc set) - Diana: Queen of Hearts - Doug Stanhope: No Refunds - Dynasty: Season Two (6-disc set) - Elvis: The Mini Series - The Empty Acre - The Executioner's Song - The First Films of Samuel Fuller: Criterion Eclipse Series (3-disc set) - Flash Gordon: The Premiere Episode - Fracture (widescreen) - Fracture (pan-and-scan) - The Fugitive: Season One, Vol.

Also new on the charts is Warner Home Video's "Twisted Terror Collection", a six-disc set that gathers up catalog horrors Deadly Friend, Dr. Giggles, Eyes of a Stranger, From Beyond the Grave, The Hand, and Someone's Watching Me (Sept. On the Board: New reviews this week from the gang include Shooter, Perfect Stranger, The Dark Backward: Special Edition, House of Games: The Criterion Collection, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. On the Street: It's a short list this week, but there's no lack of spins to check out, including The Criterion Collection's House of Games and The Milky Way, Sony's The Lives of Others, Perfect Stranger, and The Dark Backward, while Universal's Serenity is sure to please a small army of dedicated "Firefly" fans. It’s fully waterproof and has plenty of adventure cred while still being light and decently cute. You now have some idea of what to gift your hair stylist, but you might still have some questions.